Am I Ready for a Puppy?

Are you thinking about getting a new puppy?

It is important to consider whether bringing a puppy into your life is right for you. You won’t believe how many puppies are loved at first, but then neglected or abandoned down the road. Caring for a puppy is a huge responsibility. It takes much time, effort, energy, and patience. Ask yourself the following questions before you bring home your new furry friend:

Isabella and BTTB Prince Huncho (Bishop x Zoey Litter)

Am I willing to provide love and care to my pup for about 12-15 years?
Do I have time to raise and train a puppy?
Is my lifestyle conducive to raising a puppy?
If I have children, am I willing to take care of the puppy after my children grow up and move out?

Mason holding Jeff (Bishop x Zoey Litter)

What will I do if my spouse or child is allergic to the puppy?
Will the costs associated with caring for a puppy be an issue?
Do bodily fluids gross me out?
Am I ready to clean up poop, vomit, urine, dirt, slobber, etc?
Am I ready to sacrifice my sleep pattern to potty train my puppy?

Isabella (Bishop x Zoey Litter)

Do I have yard area for my puppy to run and exercise?
Am I able to take my puppy to necessary vet visits?


These questions are totally not meant to discourage you from getting a new puppy. It’s just giving you an idea of what life with a puppy will be like. And if you ask us, and millions of other dog owners... It’s great 😊


Are there any questions we should add to this list? How was your experience when you first brought home your puppy? Tell us in the comments!




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