How to Choose a Responsible Breeder

Are you thinking of starting a dog breeding business? Or are you a customer who's looking to buy a new puppy? We're here to help! A dog can be worth every dollar if you pick the right breeder. We want to make sure that we spread the word and help you in your breeding business or puppy search!


Characteristics of Professional Breeders:

  • Knowledgeable and well-educated.
  • Open to letting you visit their home or kennel.
  • Proactive in keeping their house/kennel clean, odor-free, and well-stocked. 
  • Good communicators that are willing to address any questions/concerns.
  • Able to provide proper documentation regarding health and registration. Examples include health/shot records, dog's pedigree (aka papers).
  • Caring, loving, and interactive with the puppies.
  • Honest about strengths, weaknesses, and diseases that affect the breed.
  • Excellent resource or mentor.
  • Willing to provide a quality puppy sales agreement/contract.
  • Constantly working to improve the breed.

Can you think of any other qualities that make a well-respected and responsible breeder? Leave us a comment!



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