It's Almost Puppy Time!

American Bully Amilli Amillionaire APBT bully puppies pit bull puppies puppies puppy

Amillionaire bred to Don Pablito on January 10, 2022. She is now in her 3rd trimester and puppies are due any day now!

During the last days of Amillionaire's pregnancy, we have been prepping her whelping area, performing lots of grooming and daily care, and keeping her comfortable.

We also make sure that she gets lots of meals and snacks! Amilli loves Beef and Liver Sliders from Carnivore Dog. Enter code BADTOTHEBONE at checkout to receive 10% off! 

We will keep you posted once puppies arrive! If you are interested in adopting one of our pit bull puppies, please complete a puppy application and review our adoption process.

How many puppies do you think Amilli will have? Leave a comment below for a chance to win a mystery prize from our shop!

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  • GarrFam on


  • Don on


  • Kaliyah Locke-Miller on

    omg! beautiful girl ! I think she’ll have 7 !

  • Airly on


  • Terrick on

    She’s going to have 6!! 🙏🏾

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