Pablo x Amilli Puppies: Week 2 Updates

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Week 2 has been great! Pablito x Amillionaire puppies are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. They are handling Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), Early Scent Introduction (ESI), and Gentle Exercises very well.

Here's Purple Collar female getting some tactile stimulation between her toes with a q-tip. This exercise helps stimulate the neurological system and improves stress tolerance.

Here's Light Pink Collar smelling one of the scent cans. The pups' favorite scent so far is the Rabbit and Alpaca Fur. They have a positive reaction to these smells which means they lean towards or try to lick the can. Their least favorite scents are leather and chamomile. They turn their head away from these scents.

We also started nail trims and getting the pups used to the nail grinder. We are using the PetLibro Nail Grinder on the lowest setting. Here's Black Collar Male getting a Nail Trim.


Next week we will start noise introduction and more gentle handling exercises including covering their eyes, rubbing their ears, touching their teeth & gums, tapping their nails and paws, etc. Right now we have females looking for loving homes. You can apply for a puppy now or send us an email for inquiries!

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