Pablo x Amilli Puppies: Week 3 Updates

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Week 3 was awesome! It's so fascinating to watch this crew grow and thrive!

The puppies are still growing at a good pace. Everyone is about 4-6 lbs. Each day we continue to perform daily weight checks and gentle handling exercises. 

The whole crew still nurses from mom. They also eat "mush" at lunchtime, which is a mixture of goats milk, warm water, and dry puppy food. We also added a potty box to their area to begin the potty training process.

About once a day we take the time to introduce the pups to some sounds. It is important for them to get some audio exposure! So far they've heard the TV, dogs barking, the banging of pots and pans, and children playing.

In addition to audio exposure, the pups are also getting exposed to novelty items in their whelping box. Our goal is to build trust and show them that the environment around them is safe! 


Next week we will move the pups to a bigger area and add more novelty items to their environment. We will also continue to introduce them to lots of sounds! If you are interested in one of our pit bull puppies you can apply now or email

Leave a comment and let us know what else you'd like to learn or know about the puppies!

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