Pros and Cons to Prong Collars


Hey guys! So at first we were unsure about posting this photo of Pablo because he’s wearing a prong collar. We decided to post it anyway and use this as an opportunity to spread knowledge about a very controversial topic.

Prong collars can be made of metal, hard vinyl, or rubber. They are compromised of multiple links that apply pressure to a dog’s neck when a correction is given. These collars can be used to teach your dog how to heel, not to pull, not to pick up unwanted substances from the ground, etc.

We specifically use the prong collar to help Pablo with leash walking. Sometimes he pulls more than usual and it helps him stay in line with us when we walk. 

There are risks associated with prong collars when they are misused. For example, prong collars can cause dogs pain when not properly fitted or when continuous pressure is applied. The term “choke collar” is often used for this device and it should be understood that choking is not the intended purpose.

Do you have any questions or thoughts about Prong Collars? We are open to a discussion in the comments!

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