Silus x Dream Puppies: 6-7 Weeks Old

Silus x Dream puppies are growing so fast! Enjoy the updated photos :)

Brown collar (left) and Green collar males taking a walk

Brown collar male giving us a nice pose

Black collar male also giving us a nice pose while his sister Pink collar sniffs a leaf

Pink collar female (left) and Blue collar male hanging out 

Orange collar male (front) getting photobombed by his sister Gray collar 

Gray collar female soaking up the sun

Purple collar female enjoying some alone time

Pink collar female also loves to pose for the camera

Blue collar male making his way up the steps

Most of the crew hanging out on the porch


Families begin to select their puppies on Dec. 7th. Soon all of the pups will be settled into their new homes! Stay tuned for 8-week updates!


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  • Jason Mace on

    Wandering what pups you have left

  • Jason Mace on

    Is the black collar male still available, how much are you asking we are interested in getting a puppy from you guys

  • Jason Mace on

    Is the black collar male available and how much we are interested in a puppy from you guys

  • Katie on

    Is the brown collar male available? And how much?

  • Guffey Sophia on

    Are there any puppy’s available still?

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