Audemars x Mo Chuisle Breeding Fall 2022

Audemars x Mo Chuisle

xl bully breeding

This breeding is planned to occur in August 2022. Puppies are expected to arrive in October and ready to go home in December.

audemars son of black panther pit bull prague

Audemars is 110 pounds and 25 inches tall. He is a laid-back dog that loves to hang around the family, but also enjoys outside time and playing with tug toys and the spring pole.

black panther pit prague

Audemars is the son of the Famous Black Panther Pit Prague.

mo chuisle daughter of saint Croix

Mo Chuisle is 100 pounds and 23 inches tall. She is a spunky and lively dog that is very confident and full of personality. Although she is very thick and broad, she can run very fast and move with ease.

saint croix xxl designer pit bulls

Mo Chuisle is the daughter of Saint Croix.

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