Bone Guide

Raw Meaty Bones are an essential part of the diet. They contain calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium. When feeding your dog bone, make sure it matches the size of your dog. A Yorkie shouldn’t be eating a huge chicken leg quarter. Use this guide to help shop for bone at your local butcher or grocery store:


Drumstick 30%

Feet 60%

Leg Quarter 30%

Thigh 15%

Wings 45%


Rib 27%


Necks 42%

Wings 37%


Feet 30%

Ribs 30%


Ribs 52%

Oxtails 45-65%


Whole Rabbit 10%

But how do I know how much bone to feed?

Hate to break it to you, but the amount of bone in your dog’s food doesn’t need to be exact. You just need to mix the bone with their meat. If you’re more of a math person, use the following calculation to figure out the percentage of bone:

Chicken Feet are 60% Bone

You want to feed Adults 12% Bone in their diet and puppies 15% Bone 

12/60 x 100 = 20% Adults 

1/5 of your dog’s bowl would be chicken feet

15/60 x 100 = 25% puppies

1/4 of your puppies’ bowl would be chicken feet