Puppy Information

About Our Puppies
BTTBK, LLC provides families with puppies that are well-tempered, healthy, and loyal. We do not breed Merle dogs, dogs with a history of aggression, dogs with health problems, or dogs with a history of in-breeding. All our puppies are fed raw foods, live with us indoors, and have their own 1.5 acre property.
Enrichment, Growth, and Development
Our puppies engage in activities daily that include playing, smelling, chewing, and interacting with other people and other animals. We love to watch our puppies play on their own agility course with lots of fun hanging toys, soft toys, squeaky toys, and food-releasing toys. We also spend lots of time outside exploring tons of sights, sounds, and smells.
Health and Wellness

All of our puppies receive proper health care from the moment they are born. Each puppy has a personalized health record that keeps track of their age, weight, dewormings, vaccinations, and more. Our deworming process begins at 2 weeks old and continues every 2 weeks until puppies reach 8 weeks of age. Vaccinations begin at 6 weeks old and each puppy also receives a health certificate.
We prefer that our puppies go to loving family homes. Pricing for pet home puppies starts at $2500. Please send an email to jordan@badtothebonekennels.com or badtothebonekennels@gmail.com to begin our adoption and application process.