XL Pit Bulls and XL American Bullies in Virginia

Bad to the Bone Kennels, LLC is a family owned and operated XL American Bully and XL American Pit Bull Terrier breeder located in Virginia. All Badtothebone XL Pit Bulls and XL American Bullies are raw-fed, obedience trained, properly socialized, and treated like family. We aim to produce the highest quality Pit Bulls and Bullies that are big, clean, muscular, and excellent family companions.

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Reputable and Ethical Pit Bull Breeding Program

Read what other Pit Bull lovers and owners are saying about our program! We provide an amazing and personable experience. Our customer service, professionalism, and transparency is unmatched! Puppies are safe, healthy, and well-cared for. We also provide reliable pet transport.

Our Pit Bull Puppy Experience

Excellence is our standard when it comes to our pit bull breeding program. We prioritize the health and well-being of our puppies from the very beginning. Each pit bull puppy receives the best care you could ever ask for. We perform Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction starting at 3 days old. These exercises aren't just routine for us - they are essential steps that help our puppies develop confidence and intelligence.

Each client gets access to a private photo album and receives weekly updates of their pit bull puppy. Our goal is to provide 300+ photos over the course of 8 weeks. You will see many photos of cute pit bull puppies sleeping, cuddling, eating, playing, learning, and more! By sharing these moments, we invite you to witness the milestones and adorable experiences that make every day with our pit bull puppies special. It's not just about providing updates, but about sharing the love and excitement that fills our program. Our pit bull puppy photos become cherished memories, creating a bridge between the early days in our care and the beautiful future that awaits.

When you choose a pit bull puppy from our litters, you are choosing a companion who had a strong, loving, and positive start in life. Our puppies are raised in an atmosphere filled with warmth and compassion. They come to you not just as a pet, but as a cherished member of our extended family. Our pit bull puppies are ready to bring boundless joy, love, and devotion into your home!

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About Our XL Pit Bull and XL Bully Breeding Program

Our main goal is to provide families with XL Pit Bull and XL American Bully puppies that are well-tempered, healthy, loyal, and protective. We carefully select all of our Pit Bull studs and dams and plan breedings accordingly to produce the perfect designer family pit bull dog. Our puppies are a variety of colors including blue pit bulls, brindle pit bulls, fawn pit bulls, and blue fawn pit bulls.

Badtothebone Pit Bulls are registered with the United Kennel Club, the largest all-breed performance-dog registry in the world. This means that you will know the exact ancestry of your pure bred Pit Bull and receive a visual representation of their lineage.

Health is a top-priority in our program. Dog nutrition is very important to us. Badtothebone pits are fed a raw food diet that is a combination of muscle meats, bone, organ, and liver. Check out our raw food ebook to learn about how to feed raw, where to source raw food for dogs, and helpful tips about how to transition your dog to a healthier diet.

Raw Food Resolutions: A Simpler Approach to Feeding Your Dog
Raw Food Resolutions: A Simpler Approach to Feeding Your Dog
Raw Food Resolutions: A Simpler Approach to Feeding Your Dog
Raw Food Resolutions: A Simpler Approach to Feeding Your Dog

Raw Food Resolutions: A Simpler Approach to Feeding Your Dog

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