How Our American Pit Bull Puppies Are Raised

Our Pit Bull Puppies are Raised In-Home on an Advanced Care Curriculum that includes the following:

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

We begin this process on our pit bull puppies at 3 days old. From day 3-16 is a critical development period for puppies. During this time we perform a number of exercises to build confidence, strengthen their heart and adrenal glands, and improve their stress tolerance.
Early Neurological Stimulation
Tactile Stimulation Between the Toes
Early Neurological Stimulation
Supine Position
Early Neurological Stimulation
Thermal Stimulation
Early Neurological Stimulation
Head Erect

Early Scent Introduction (ESI)

From day 3-16 we expose our puppies to a new scent. This process helps build awareness and confidence. This can also help us identify potential service or working dogs (diabetic alert, tracking or hunting, etc). Some of the scents that we introduce include lavender, pine, star anise, rabbit, tennis ball, and leather.

Early Scent Introduction
Early Scent Introduction

Gentle Handling/Daily Care

Daily care tasks include weight checks, collar changes, ENS, and ESI.

1 day old puppy

Daily Curriculum, Exposure, and Activities

Unlike most pit bull breeders, our puppies don't hang out in kennels all day. We introduce them to a variety of environments and situations to prepare them for their new homes. By exposing our puppies to a number of items and experiences at a young age, we are building their confidence and resilience.

Puppies in Whelping Box

2 week old pit bull puppy

Temperament Testing

At 8 weeks old, our pit bull puppies undergo temperament testing. This process helps us match each puppy with the perfect home. Our temperament assessment tests for traits like human assertiveness, tenderheartedness, prey drive, resiliency, dog friendliness, and more!