Our Adoption Process

Pre-Screening/Puppy Application
All potential candidates will be carefully screened to ensure our puppies are placed in loving homes. Please send an email to badtothebonekennels@gmail.com for pricing inquiries.
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You will also be required to send us the following:
  • Pictures of where the puppy will be living
  • At least 1 of your Social Media Account Usernames
  • A copy of your Photo ID
After Application Approval
After application approval, we accept payment to reserve your puppy. Puppies must be paid in full to reserve through Bank Wire, or secure Credit or Debit Card. We are a legitimate business and everything is in writing. You will be sent an invoice/receipt for your payment. We do not accept cash or trades.
Puppy Contract/Additional Services
All individuals and families are required to sign our puppy sales agreement. This agreement explains the terms of sale and standards that we uphold in our program. For a sample agreement please click here
We offer domestic and international shipping with some exceptions. Domestic shipping charges usually start at $500. International shipping rates may vary. We will provide you with the best quote. Ear cropping services are available per request. Pricing starts at $600.
Going Home
Your puppy will be properly groomed before he or she arrives to you (bath and nail trim). All of your puppies' shot/health records and registration paperwork will be sent home or mailed to you. Please keep track of these important items! Your puppy will also be sent home with our custom puppy pack that includes handmade grooming products, homemade treats, toys, and more!
Please note the following:
Puppies must be paid in-full to reserve. We take great pride in our program and full payments help us take care of the following:
  • 100% Raw Feeding both the Sire and Dam
  • Health Checks and Vet Visits for both the Sire and Dam
  • Toys, Raw Food, Milk, and other Essentials for the Puppies
  • Fees associated with both ABKC and UKC Litter Registration
  • Vaccinations, Health Checks, and Health Certificates from the Veterinarian
We do not allow visitors on our property. Allowing strangers into our home/on our property can potentially be dangerous for our dogs/puppies and their health. This is a strict policy that helps prevent the spread of diseases. Parvovirus can not only kill an entire litter, it can also be extremely difficult to remove from our yard and it can affect the health of our dogs and future litters.  We are more than happy to video chat, send weekly photos of the puppies, and show you our breeding dogs and their living conditions.

We also post tons of content on our InstagramFacebook, and Google business pages. If you live in the DC, Maryland, or VA area, your puppy will be transported to you at no additional charge. 
All Payments are transferable but non-refundable. No exceptions.