Pleased to offer toys from our favorite and trusted retailers, Bulletproof Pet Products and Jolly Pets!

Indestructibone is a virtually indestructible chew toy made for dogs that are tough on their chew toys. It has a small treat hole on each end to add your dog’s favorite treat. Comes with a 90 day – 1 time replacement guarantee and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. We will replace it free if it is chewed down to 5” or less in 90 days or less. Contact us and send us a photo of the Indestructibone next to a tape measure or ruler.

Jolly Pets develops toys that are innovative, durable, high quality, enriching, and engaging. Some toys are even scented and work your dog’s sense of smell! Jolly Pets toys are great for chasing, swimming, bouncing, and more types of fun!