Early Scent Introduction With TCK Buddha Puppy

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In the world of dog breeding and puppy care, every experience is a stepping stone to a brighter future. One essential exercise that sets the stage for pit bull puppy development is Early Scent Introduction or ESI.

Early Scent Introduction is basically when puppies get to smell different things and it's really good for them! Starting at 3 days old, we introduce a new smell to our puppies daily and observe their reaction. Usually puppies will lean into/towards the scent (+), turn away from the scent (-), or present no reaction at all (o). Puppies that lean towards scents are good candidates for service work, diabetic alert, seizure alert, police work (ex. detecting drugs or chemicals), and more! 

early scent introduction tck buddha x badtothebone wild child

Early Scent Introduction opens doors to a world of new scents, experiences, and surroundings for pit bull puppies. When pit bulls go outside, there are so many smells like fresh air, flowers, and even other animals. ESI helps our puppies get ready for these smells so when they go to their new homes, these smells aren't so new or strange to them! 

Early Scent Introduction TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone Wild Child

Every pit bull puppy is different. Some might love certain scents, while others might not be too sure. Early Scent Introduction shows us what each puppy likes and helps us take care of them better. Pictured below, our green collar female puppy (TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone Wild Child) cautiously approached the soil scent and then turned her head away. This is okay! It shows us that she's finding her own way in the world of scents around her.

early scent introduction TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone wild child

ESI helps pit bull puppies feel confident when handling new situations in life. It lets them explore new smells, get ready for outdoor fun, and show their unique selves (just like our green collar female from TCK Buddha x Badtothebone Wild Child). ESI is like a wonderful adventure that sets them up for a happy and exciting life ahead!

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