Temperament Test with TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone Wild Child Puppies at 8 Weeks Old

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At 8 weeks old, our pups undergo temperament testing, a crucial step in understanding their unique personalities. This early assessment helps us match each puppy with the perfect family, ensuring a harmonious and lasting bond.

We evaluate the following traits during the temperament test:

  • Human assertiveness
  • Human focus
  • Confidence
  • Motivation Level
  • Nerve Strength/Resiliency
  • Touch Tolerance
  • Energy Level
  • Sound sensitivity
  • Sight sensitivity
  • Prey Drive
  • Tenderheartedness
  • Dog Friendliness

Watch us complete a temperament test with Green Collar from our TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone Wild Child Litter below:

Green Collar Female TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone Wild Child 

From the temperament test we mainly found that Green Collar female has high confidence and high motivation. She is very resilient, as she didn't show any real stress during the test. Green collar also has high prey drive and is very human focused. She immediately gravitates towards toys and constantly looks to the tester for the next step. Green collar is also tenderhearted and she's confident in the presence of other dogs. 

Green collar would be a great service dog or emotional support animal as she has desired traits of high confidence, motivation, and resiliency. She would also do well in a home with young children/adults, but her high energy and prey drive could be an obstacle.

What did you think of the temperament test? Let us know in the comments below!

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