Speedy Week 7: Quick Pup Updates TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone Wild Child Litter

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Back with a very short and sweet update! Below are pictures of TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone Wild Child Puppies at 7 weeks old. These pups are full of energy, which is why we got very few shots :) 

Purple Collar Female

blue brindle female pit bull 7 weeks old

Red Collar Male

male brindle pit bull puppy 7 weeks old

Green Collar Female

blue female pit bull puppy

At 8 weeks old, we will complete temperament tests. Stay tuned for more information!

Which puppy would you select? Comment below! 

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  • Victor Null on

    Hello I’m looking for a new puppy! I love my pits they are the best! Please let me know if you have some available I can come look at

  • Collin Hunt on

    Red Collar Male

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