The First Three Weeks with Demun x Wild Child Puppies

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Gratitude fills our hearts as we reflect on the first three weeks spent with our new litter of pit bulls. Each day has been amazing with Demun x Wild Child pups and we look forward to watching them grow and develop. In this post, we will share the journey of caring for these little pit bull pups, highlighting milestones and moments of connection experienced along the way.

Week 1 Highlights

  • Creating a warm, safe, and comfortable whelping area for Wild Child and her newborn pit bull puppies.

  • Ensuring Wild Child receives optimal nutrition and postpartum care to support her health and milk production.

  • Monitoring the puppies' health closely, including regular weight checks and observation.
  • Introducing early scent introduction, which is exposing pit bull puppies to various scents to stimulate their senses.
  • Implementing early neurological stimulation exercises including gentle handling and tactile stimulation to promote brain development.

Week 2 Highlights

  • Continuing with daily care routines including feeding, cleaning, and monitoring the puppies' progress.

  • Starting deworming treatment to ensure the puppies' are protected from common parasites.
  • Continuing with ENS and ESI exercises to further stimulate the puppies' senses. 

  • Starting pit bull puppy photoshoots to capture adorable moments like their eyes opening :)

Week 3 Highlights

  • Celebrating milestones such as the puppies' first playful interactions and vocalizations.

  • Introducing item exposure in the whelping box, providing a variety of safe and age-appropriate toys, objects, and textures for the new pups to explore.
  • Continuing to do pit bull puppy photoshoots to capture their evolving personalities.

We invite you to share in our journey by leaving your thoughts and comments on this post. Whether you're a pet parent, a breeder, or simply a pit bull lover, your insights and experiences are valuable contributions to our community!

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