Weeks 4-7 With Demun x Wild Child Puppies

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Hello again fellow pit bull lovers <3

We are back with more updates of our newest litter :) We can't believe how fast time flew by. Demun x Wild Child pups are now 7 weeks old. Here are some photos and updates from the last few weeks (weeks 4 - 7):

Week 4

At the beginning of week 4, our pit bull puppies started to eat mush. Mush is our own blend of dog food, hemp milk, sea moss, and warm water. It was amazing to watch the pup's independence and confidence grow as they dove right into solid food. 

Week 4/Week 5 Transformation

If you've ever wondered how quickly appearances can change, take a look at this transformation from a 4-week-old puppy to a 5-week-old puppy. This is yellow collar female striking a pose for the camera and showcasing her structure! 

Week 5

In week 5, we introduced a potty box to the puppies' area in their journey towards potty training. Additionally, we relocated them to a new play area, providing them with a larger space to explore and engage. 

Week 7

During week 7, our pit bull puppies ventured outdoors for the first time, exploring many sights, sounds, and smells. They also went on their first trip to the vet for a wellness check. Here is yellow collar again at 7 weeks old so you can see her growth and changing looks!

Next week, we will begin temperament testing and puppies will start to head to their new homes! Stay tuned for more updates of Demun x Wild Child litter. 

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  • Allison Della Pello on

    Do you have any red nose or green nose pups? Like the tan color with blue or green eyes

  • Stephanie Novosad on

    We just lost our dog and missing a dog in the house. Do you have any puppies for sale? If so, how old and how much?

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