Why We Feed a Raw Diet

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Why We Feed a Raw Diet

raw food for dogs

We used to feed our dogs kibble! It’s convenient, has a long shelf-life, and affordable. It's also all we've ever really known to feed because that's what we were taught.

As dog owners, we try to keep up with the latest health information to properly care for our pack. We read a book about raw feeding and it really opened our eyes. Here’s what we learned:

  • Dogs are descendants of wolves and should eat similar to their wild ancestors.
  • Traditional pet foods like Kibble are a blend of low-quality meat waste, byproducts, and synthetic materials.
  • Kibble has been known to cause a number of diseases, cancer, and take years off of dog's lives.

Shortly after reading the book, we ditched kibble and switched to raw. Here are the results we’ve seen:

  • Clean teeth and shiny coats
  • More energy in our dogs
  • Less poop and less odor
  • No unexpected vet visits

raw food for dogs
Are you thinking about switching to raw? We have resources to help! Check out our Raw Feeding Starter Guide

Do you feed Raw or Kibble? Share your opinion in the comments!

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