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Are you looking to add a new bundle of joy to your family? Look no further! We have two exceptional puppies ready to find their forever homes. Born on March 4, 2024 to Country Iron's Demun Jones and BadtotheBone Wild Child, these puppies promise to bring love, loyalty, and lots of fun into your life!

Chocolate Female

This lively girl is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm. She's incredibly springy, perfect for active families who love the outdoors. Her playful spirit and zest for life will keep you on your toes and fill your days with joy.

Champagne Male

On the other hand, our champagne male is the epitome of a gentle soul. With his low drive and tenderhearted nature, he's perfect for those looking for a calm and affectionate companion. His sweet demeanor makes him an ideal snuggle buddy and a loyal friend.

See Them in Action

Curious about how our puppies interact? We've got you covered! Check out our YouTube videos to see them running around and having fun! You can also watch their temperament test video results to get a deeper understanding of their unique personalities and behaviors.

Chocolate Female Temperament Test Video

Champagne Male Temperament Test Video

Why Choose Our Puppies?

For $4,500 our puppies come with:

UKC Paperwork - ensuring their pedigree and lineage.

Raw Food Ebook - A comprehensive guide to feeding and raising a healthy pup.

Temperament Test - Know exactly what to expect with your new companion.

Health Records - Complete documentation of their health status.

Deworming and Vaccines - Up-to-date on all necessary medical care.

Trupanion Insurance - Peace of mind with quality pet insurance coverage.

Contact Us

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring home one of these special puppies! Contact us today! Badtothebonekennels@gmail.com

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  • Lynn Davis on

    I’m interested in hopefully the gray & white pup, the one playing with the chocolate, I am already a pitmom to a rescue and they are the best dogs! Thank you

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