Pit Bull Puppy Pictures: Latest News About our "Up-And-Comers"

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Welcome back! It's been a little while. We wanted to give you some updates of our TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone Wild Child keepers and introduce you to a new face in our program :) 


brindle and white pit bull badtothebonepits

Meet Pegasus! Pegasus is a TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone Wild Child daughter. Pegasus was born on 9/1/23. She is 4 months old and weighs about 45 pounds. 

pit bull puppy female brindle and white

Pegasus is registered as an american pit bull terrier with the united kennel club. She is a beautiful brindle and white pit bull. 

TCK Buddha daughter pegasus female pit bull

Pegasus is the leader of the pack! She is full of energy and very spunky. She loves to play tug with her brother and run around the yard. 

TCK Buddha daughter side view

Pegasus has ripped muscles like her mom BadtotheBone Wild Child. After a few sessions on the spring pole, this girl will be a machine! 


male brindle pit bull puppy TCK Buddha son

Meet Anamu! Anamu is from the same litter as Pegasus, TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone Wild Child.  

male brindle pit bull side view

Anamu is 48 pounds at 4 months old. He is a brindle pit bull with an amazing personality. Anamu is the perfect combination of sweet, goofy, and flirty!

brindle pit bull male puppy

Anamu also has amazing muscle tone like his mom BadtotheBone Wild Child and his grandma BadtotheBone Livin' the Dream. We can't wait to see what his physique turns into as he gets older!

TCK Buddha son anamu brindle male pit bull

Steele Maiden

blue female xl pit bull

Meet Steele Maiden! Steele Maiden is a new pup from Blue Haze Bullyz in SC. Steele's parents are SCP's Saint Laurent and SCP's Divine Royalty. 

female xl american pit bull terrier

Steele Maiden is a gorgeous blue pit bull. Her coat is so soft and shiny. Steele has a gentle personality and affectionate temperament. She is very smart and she learns very quickly.

female american pit bull terrier puppies 

Steele Maiden and Pegasus both have the same grandfather, Iron Cross' Stalefish

All Together Now

american pit bull terrier male and female puppy

This is the first time that we have kept/raised 3 pit bull puppies at the same time! It has been quite the journey spending our days with this crew.  

american pit bull terrier puppies

Steele Maiden, Anamu, and Pegasus do everything together! They sleep together, eat together, potty together, you name it :) These 3 are the ultimate package!

pit bull puppies playing in the yard

Our pit bull puppies spend their days mostly playing outside, eating/drinking lots of water, doing a little training (but eating lots of treats), and taking naps. They are growing fast and learning so much! We are very grateful to have this crew during this time. 

pit bull puppies outside playing

Let us know who your favorite pup is in the comments! Stay tuned for more updates of our pit bull puppies

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