When Can I Breed My Female Dog?

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When Can I Breed My Female Dog?

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It is recommended that female dogs shouldn't be bred until after their first heat cycle. Between the ages of 1.5 and 5 is preferred, as this gives enough time for her to mature.
Health testing your female is important before she breeds. You can take her to the vet and get a check-up to make sure she is healthy. Your vet can also screen her hips/elbows, eyes, and heart. If you want to perform your own health testing, you can order an embark or wisdom panel to screen for potential diseases and health defects. All you do is swab the inside of her cheek and then send the sample in for testing.

Breeding a female too early is very risky. She may become aggressive, neglectful, and unwilling to feed or clean her newborn pups. It is possible that she can accidentally sit on the puppies or suffocate them. It is important to be on watch at all times when she does have puppies to prevent these accidents from happening.

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