Photo Tips to Help Market your Dogs


Did you know that a photo can make or break a buyer’s purchase decision? This is why we need to take pride in capturing quality photos of our dogs!

Follow these tips to take pictures with a camera, tablet, or even an iPhone or Android:

•Find an environment with proper lighting. Outside is great! When possible, ditch the flash and go for natural light.

•Try to get some close up shots of your dog’s face, coat, and muscly body.

•Remove all clutter and unnecessary items in the background.

•Angles are everything! Don’t be afraid to get down low or hop up on that chair to get that perfect shot.

•Be careful with filters! They can be useful but they can also be tricky. If you edit your pup’s coat and eyes to the perfect hue, but when your buyer receives the pup and it doesn’t look like the photo, you may be in trouble!

Hope these tips are helpful!

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