Whelping Kit Supply List

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Whelping Kit Supply List

Yay! Puppies are coming! Are you prepared for the day that your dog gives birth?
newborn puppies
Make sure you have the following supplies in your whelping kit to ensure a safe and smooth delivery:
Emergency Vet Number: We hope for all to go well, but we need to always have a vet on speed dial for emergencies. 
Whelping Box/Baby Pool: This box should be spacious enough for both mom and pups. Also keep it clean, dry, and comfortable.
Towels/Sheets: Clean Towels should be used to properly dry your puppies after they are delivered. Sheets can be placed in the whelping area to provide some extra comfort and protection.
Heat Lamp: Your puppies will need this lamp to keep warm. They cannot properly regulate their own body temp for the first few weeks.
Baby Nasal Aspirator: Used to remove fluid out of puppies' nose and mouth after they're born. This is an important step! Don't miss it!
Round-tipped Scissors: These are helpful in case you need to cut the umbilical cord. Round-tipped scissors are safer when handling new puppies.
Forceps: These can be used to hold the umbilical cord when cutting and to stop excessive bleeding.
Unwaxed Dental Floss or Thread: Use floss to tie the umbilical cord to stop bleeding. Stay away from mint flavored/coated dental floss!
Surgical Gloves: To keep your hands sterile at all times when handling pups.
newborn pit bull puppy
Scale: Weigh your pups every week and keep track of their weight on a puppy health record.
puppy on scale
Thermometer/Lubricant: take the mother’s temp a few days before she’s due to deliver. The temp will drop significantly when she’s ready to give birth. Lubricant can be used to ease the thermometer into the rectum.
Notepad and Pen: Keep track of all important information during this time. Ex: the time that mom delivers pups, how far apart delivery of pups is, puppy health info, etc.
Whelping Collars or Ribbons: These collars are helpful when wanting to keep track and identify pups, especially if they are all a similar color.
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Canine Milk Substitute: We use Unimilk to give to our pups. We have also used Esbilac as a milk replacer. 
Nutri-cal: This is an easy supplement to give to the mother to pack on calories.
Disposable Syringes: Used for puppy deworming (later on) and to give nutritional supplements to mom (by mouth).
Flashlight/Candles: I mean hey, if there’s a storm and the lights go out, just be prepared.
Supplements: Perfect for adding additional vitamins/minerals and helping mom recover from birth.
Take the time to gather all of your necessary supplies well before your dog gives birth. If you have any questions, please ask us in the comments!

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