Spooky Tales of Puppyhood: 4-Week-Old TCK Buddha Pups Dive into Halloween Fun!

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Happy Spooky Month! Our TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone Wild Child pups have reached 4 weeks of age. These little beasts are embracing the spirit of Halloween in the most adorable way possible! This week, we decided to add a little spookiness to the pups' environment by introducing them to Halloween decorations.

pit bull puppy halloween decorations

*Green Female & Red Male - TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone Wild Child - 4 wks old*

We took our pit bull pups on a journey outside their whelping box. We laid down a fleece blanket and let the pups explore Halloween items including plastic skulls, skeleton hands, pumpkins, halloween candy toys, and little soft bones.

pit bull puppy plays with pumpkins

*Purple Female with Pumpkins - 4 wks old*

pit bull puppy explores halloween decorations

*Red Male with Pumpkin - 4 wks old*

Watching our puppies interact with these items was heartwarming. We couldn't help but be mesmerized by each of their personalities. Each puppy showcased a unique blend of bravery, but also innocence.

pit bull puppy explores halloween decorations

*Purple Female Playing with Skulls - 4 wks old*

At 4 weeks old, our puppy's senses are becoming sharper. Buddha x Wild Child pups can now see and hear more clearly, making the world around them a more exciting place. You can see that their awareness is heightened as they interact with the halloween decorations. 

pit bull puppy explores halloween decorations

*Red Male sniffing skulls, Purple Female watching*

It's amazing to see how our puppies are turning into playful and curious creatures. Their motor skills are developing so fast, allowing them to explore surroundings with great enthusiasm. TCK Buddha pups have also become more coordinated. They are learning to walk steadily and find their sense of balance.

brother and sister pit bull 4 weeks old

*Red Male & Purple Female*

These little cuties are also social butterflies in the making. Buddha x Wild Child pups are discovering the joy of social interaction through snuggles, wagging tails, and playful nips and growls. We can already tell that these sweeties will be affectionate and well-socialized dogs.

Our TCK Buddha x BadtotheBone Wild Child pups continue to fill our life with love, responsibility, and happiness! Stay tuned for more updates as these champs continue to grow and develop!

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